chicken counting eggs

This post will be a regular feature (read more here) and its purpose is to encourage you to fill your mind with questions and interesting thoughts! Yes, we really should ask lots of questions because we have a God who created this amazing and fascinating world. We glorify God when we ponder life!

I re-posted an article this week about the effects of divorce on children and I want to apologize to ya-all. In an effort to fight the divorce-is-better-than-being-miserable cultural norm, I forgot that my readers are, primarily, Christian women committed to their marriages. The intent of the post was not to scare you or discourage you but to counteract a non-biblical view of divorce.

I discovered an insightful post on marriage that will encourage you. It’s called Marriage; Sometimes You Have to Wade Through Sludge Together. Hang in there, fight the good fight in your marriages! If you are already divorced (and some of you have been abandoned), mourn your marriage and let your children see how much you valued it.

What do our daughters need to know? Some of us are convicted that daughters need to be encouraged to be home-centered but what does that mean? How should we prepare kingdom-oriented girls? Here’s a thought-provoking list on Ten Things Girls Should Study but Rarely Do.Chickens

Ever been scared to death by those predictions about the costs of raising children? I have but, as the mother of eight, the math hasn’t come out like the predictions said it would. Loved this article by a dad who has his perspective right.

Speaking about the cost of raising children, I just took our five remaining kids to the dentist and they had waaay too many cavities. Besides a change in brushing habits and watching the diet, I was fascinated by this simple approach to rebuilding teeth using comfrey and organic eggshells. I may give it a try.hands with eggs

“Hero” is an overused word in our world but I think the school clerk who talked a gunman out of shooting schoolchildren is a true hero who also gave all glory to God.

It’s worth watching.

Be blessed!