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healthy snacks

In preparation for starting our school routine, here are 31 days of healthy snack ideas. Print and tape to the inside of a kitchen cupboard for those days when your body is so tired your mind won’t work.

And, please share your healthy snack ideas with the rest of us :-).

1. Apple slices and cheddar cheese.
2. Smoothies! Yougurt, frozen fruit and healthy fat (flaxseed oil, virgin coconut oil) all blended together or frozen fruit and greens (spinach, kale) blended well. Delicious!
3.Nuts and raisins.
4.Thinly sliced meat and/or cheese wrapped in a lettuce leaf and skewered with a toothpick.
5.Popcorn and sliced fruit or frozen berries.
7.Tostada chips and pinto bean “dip” (smoosh beans and add salt).
8. Celery and carrot sticks and ranch dressing.
9.Homemade bread and butter.
10. Hummus (blend canned chickpeas, a little sesame tahini, lemon juice and fresh garlic) and toasted triangles of pita bread.
11.”Roll-ups”(spread flour tortillas with peanut butter and jelly or your favorite spread) roll up and slice into pin-wheels.
12.Celery and cream cheese
13. Cottage cheese and tomatoes.
14.Dates stuffed with cream cheese.
15.Hearty cookies made with whole wheat flour, whole grains and half the sweetener.
16.Peanut butter balls (stir together equal parts of powdered milk, peanut butter and honey-roll into balls and roll balls in dried coconut, cocoa or any crunchy topping).
17. Hot dogs sliced and skewered onto toothpicks with pickles and cheese.
18.Deviled eggs and veggie sticks.
19.Homemade fresh fruit popsicles.
20.Yougurt parfaits (layer plain or vanilla yougurt with fruit, coconut, granola or anything tasty in a clear plastic cup. These freeze well).
21.Cheese sticks and crackers.
22.Baked kale chips (wash and tear Kale, salt and bake at 400 degrees until crispy-really tasty even for children:).
23.Chicken strips dipped in bar-b-que sauce.
24.Meatballs and veggie sticks (good hot or cold).
25.Whole grain muffins and cream cheese/honey spread.
26.Tostada chips with melted cheese and salsa.
27.Homemade granola bars.
29.Tuna and mayo on crackers
30.Homemade trail mix (nuts, chocolate chips or M & M’s, dried fruit etc.)
31.Ripe bananas rolled/soaked in lemon juice and frozen.