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baby feet

I saw Jesus today in the face of a healthy baby. Her tawny brown skin was smooth and creamy, her little chubby legs kicked with vigor.

Her mama had been addicted to drugs. She’d made bad mistakes; bad enough to have other children taken away, bad enough to lose just about everything…bad enough.

I held that baby and looked into the eyes of her mama; clear and sad and full of deep regret.

I heard the Holy Spirit today. I heard Him speak through our eldest daughter, Lorna.
I heard Him in the truthful replies to the questions asked of her by this searching, hurting woman. I heard Him speak as Lorna crooned words to her miracle baby, “Do you know God loves you? Do you know that?”

Strong words, words of truth and love.

I heard a miracle of God today. I hugged a woman scarred by the deep loss of abortion and listened to her story of a life filled with pain and regret. After years of emptiness and sorrow, she has found forgiveness…and she laughs.

Our days are filled with the mundane; the chicken to fry, the car to vacuum, the phone call to answer. The seen overwhelms the unseen and we struggle to intercede in prayer on behalf of the vulnerable and hurting among us until…God opens our eyes to the miraculous.

It is the supernatural work of God for a drug-addicted mother to turn from her drugs in order to save the life of her child.

It is the grace of God that moves a young woman to minister to those who have shipwrecked their lives; to speak hope and truth to them.

It is the power of God when a pain-filled woman finds deep peace and abiding joy in Christ.

God is a miracle-working God and He works through the prayers of His people.images  prayer

He still reaches out to the woman at the well.

He still hears the cries of the unborn.

He still embraces the abandoned.

His grace is still perfected in our very weakness.

He hears our prayers.praying family hands

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18