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mother lifting child
We all want to leave a legacy of wisdom and faith to our families but how do we accomplish that? One moment at a time.

Some families are full of good “fruit” and should be emulated. If you know of a family whose children have embraced their parents values, who are joyful and confident and secure, be sure to watch and learn from the woman who is mothering those children!

Here are some bits of wisdom I have learned from other women over the years;

images silhouette of children swinging

*Let your husband be a man and parent like one. He may be more matter-of-fact and not take the time to explain things like you do but his influence is essential in the life of your child and shows forth the heart of God in a different way than you do.

*Sometimes being a very involved mother means stepping back and allowing your child to experience consequences. Ask the Lord for wisdom for the right timing. A teen who keeps friends waiting may have to be left behind on an important day. A younger child may need to learn that leaving a favorite toy out in the rain ruins the toy and that it doesn’t get replaced. Look for these moments and choose to allow your child to feel uncomfortable under your guiding hand.

*Each stage of childhood and development is different. Even with a large family it is easy to lose touch with the changes your child is growing through. Find a good book full of trusted advice and refer to it again and again in order to fortify yourself for the next stage of life. Rejoice and be glad in the uniqueness of God’s creation in the life of a child.

*Wise mothers learn self-control so that they can act instead of react to all the ups and downs of raising children. It is worth the hard work of developing your own character in order to be a better mother.

*Pray for wisdom so that you can determine if your child just made a childish mistake or if he refused to listen and obey. You do not want to overlook sin but you also don’t want to overreact to childish mistakes.

*Joyful children have parents who choose to be joyful even through the ups and downs of life. Choose to be a smiling mother!
*Don’t forget what it was like to be a child.

*You are the best mother for your child. Wise mothers know that no matter how hard parenting can get, they were meant to be the mother of their child. Embrace this truth.

Pray! The God of grace will give you wisdom. He has entrusted to you an eternal soul…will He not gently lead you?