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I’ve taken notes during the Sunday sermon sporadically over the years but recently renewed my commitment to, not only take notes, but review them and keep track of them later!

Here’s a great PDF on how to get the most out of the sermon (mamas of littles, no guilt! Just do the best you can!).
A short post along the same lines about how to keep God foremost in our hearts and minds throughout the day is The Glorious Distraction.

A fun project for Sunday school classes that I plan to do with my kids at home is to make mini-books of Bible knowledge.

If you look up one link this week, watch this video. In a day and age when you people are living together “because their love doesn’t need a piece of paper”, here is a thoughtful and passionate presentation on the purpose and meaning of marriage. Tim Keller (pastor, author speaks to Google employees on the Christian view of marriage.

Deep down inside, most of us suspected the truth of this study; a mother’s love overcomes the effect of poverty and improves immune function in children.

What did you read or learn this week? Share it with the rest of us in the comment section! You don’t want to be a dumb cluck!