Today I begin reposting a series of posts aimed at the woman who longs to stay home with her children.
(There I go, again, with a picture of a mother reading to her child. I slip those in every opportunity I have!)

I am giving a nod to Laura at The Thinking Housewife because this series was inspired by what I read there.

I want to call your attention to a woman who wrote into The Thinking Housewife who desperately wants to stay home with her child but can’t afford to. Please read the beginning of the post One Woman’s Anti-Feminist Awakening
and then scroll waaay down and find Sarah Nelson’s response to the woman(as you scroll down you will see my response as well).

Sarah shared her own journey back home and the kind of hard choices she and her husband made in order for her to be at home with their child. Sarahs deliberate and careful hard work at home is one reason why I hate the term “stay-at-home-mom.” Wives and mothers who are successfully hewing, building and hammering a loving and faithful marriage and family are not just staying at home! They are planning, working, saving, feeding, loving, praying, cleaning, beautifying; in short, working very hard at home!

So, pour your favorite beverage of choice, give your little ones some non-crumby snacks and read about Sarah and how she was able to stay at home with her child in spite of school loans that needed to be paid.

I contacted Sarah and interviewed her because I wanted to learn more about what she went through in order to make the adjustment to working at home with her child. I”ll be posting that interesting interview in two days.

Are you a mom whose heart longs to be home or do you know someone who feels that way? Ask them to join us as we encourage those whose hearts are at home.

As always, I love to hear from you!