That’s all for my interview with Sarah. I shared her story because we live in a day and age when we are bombarded with lies such as;

“No one can possibly live on one income today.”

“I wish I could ‘afford’ to be a stay-at-home mom.”

“I’m a single mom so, of course, I have to work.”

Here is the truth;

Most of us can’t “afford” to stay home with our children but when we make the decision to do it, the Lord intervenes. It starts with a commitment and (watch out!) commitments are often tested but it is worth it.

God is faithful. He provides for His families. I have known several single moms who can testify to His faithfulness.

I want to live my life with as few regrets as possible, don’t you? Children really do grow up so quickly and the saddest people I know are those who missed the bulk of their children’s childhood.

Here are a few ways to prepare to stay home with your children;

1) Pray. If you are married, ask your husband to pray with you. Our men worry about physically providing for our family and they need bolstering too! God promises to provide for us. He has created women to birth, nurture and raise the next generation of souls. When you are afraid, go to Him. Psalm 1.pppas0206

2) Become a student and learn new skills.

If you are challenged in home organization skills, time-management, housekeeping or other areas, become a learner! If you know someone who is knowledgeable in those areas, ask them for help. Ask other women for book recommendations. Take one or two ideas a week and apply them and you will grow in self-discipline and focus!

Start with skills that will bless your husband. He will see that having you home will create a more peaceful, happy home. Guard against becoming child-centered as you stay home!

3) Fill your mind with the right kind of food-for-thought. There are tons of scary articles about the cost of raising a child and how staying at home is a waste of a woman’s brain. Seriously? This is absolute hogwash! Raising children takes knowledge, wisdom, patience, creativity and heart. Don’t read the typical magazines found in the grocery stores or at the doctors offices…they will scare you to death. prcas1545

Read stories of widows from long-ago who managed to raise large families on very little while working at home. Realize that women throughout history have always used ingenuity and frugality as they raise their children (Little Britches, Man of the Family and other books by Ralph Moody are true accounts of his amazing mother who raised six children as a widow).

Read life-giving Christian magazines such as Above Rubies (available for free), written by a pastor’s wife who had six children and no money and lived a life of faith (she is now the grandmother of many children and her children are living lives of faith).

Build a vision for the importance of the work you are doing in the home.

If you have a bad day, contact me here at Generational Womanhood for encouragement. Your children need you. God can be trusted. Pray, work hard and watch Him provide.