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Generational Womanhood is dedicated, in part, to helping you develop a long-term vision for your life as a Christian woman. In the midst of our busy households, it’s good to pause and consider how we will be remembered.

Here is one man who deeply misses his wife of 75 years and wrote a song dedicated to “sweet Lorraine.” It makes me wonder if, after 75 years of marriage, I will be remembered as “sweet.” I’ve watched this four times now and cry every single time.

The longer I live, the more I enjoy consumable decorations that I don’t have to store.These fit the bill!
Apple candle holders

My recent post on how to stay home with your children reminded me of this helpful post from The Common Room on How I Cooked When we were Poor.
Being poor isn’t the end of the world. Being bitter and angry about being poor is what damages the next generation.

And, if Fall weather has you hankering for a hike over hill and through dale, you might want to keep an eye out for stinging nettles. They will hurt if you walk through a patch of them but if you can find them without walking through them, you can boost your grocery budget while also increasing the nutritional content of your food! It’s worth a try, anyway!
Fall leaves
Nourished Kitchen and Stinging Nettles!stinging nettles

Finally, in response to those dire predictions about the cost of raising a child from birth to adulthood, The Atlantic Monthly tackles the subject and compares today’s costs with other generations. It’s worth reading.