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chicken counting eggs

Sometimes, we followers of Jesus feel alone in our beliefs and convictions (especially if we read the news). Don’t be a dumb cluck! You know the God of the Universe is far greater than that and His people are everywhere! You are joined by many other Christians who are faced with hard choices. Be encouraged! Don’t be chicken!

For more awesome videos about standing for life in very difficult circumstances, visit the home page of Brad Matthas and Facing Life Head On.

While you are contemplating the greatness of God and the courage of His people, get busy in the kitchen! Mozzarella cheese? It looks easy and affordable. I’m going to give it a try soon:-).

Every Tuesday I direct a Speech and Debate club for homeschooled Teens and, boy, do I see some discouraged moms! Usually, they walk in the door looking pretty tired. This is because parenting a teen takes a different approach than when they are younger and it isn’t as easy on the mom (even if we have wonderful teens, which we all do!). So, if you are feeling a bit “teen weary,” maybe this post will reinforce your gumption to continue doing what is right as a mom.
My Child is Gifted; He’s also 29, unemployed and living in my basement. Chickens

Finally, here’s another link on Why America’s Postpartum Practices are so Rough on New Mothers. Years ago, I remember my Swiss friend telling me how pampered new moms were in their Swiss hospitals. I remember feeling envious of those Swiss women and wondering why we don’t do the same in the U.S. This post addresses the problem.Chickenshands with eggs

That’s it for this week! Remember to turn off your electronic devices, listen to the silence and think! God gave you a brain for a reason.