The Wall around your heart“Satan wants nothing more than for us to run from God’s goodness …blaming God for someone else’s bad behavior and disengaging from Him and from life usher in isolation, anger, distance, and that high wall around our hearts. And, when we live behind that wall, our hearts grow cold, bitter and unwieldy.”

The Wall Around Your Heart; How Jesus Heals You When Others Hurt You by Mary DeMuth is not your average get-healed-by-Jesus book. Mary addresses pain from experience and her solution takes the reader straight to God, using the Lord’s Prayer as a template.

I found Mary’s book to be very helpful because she doesn’t skirt around the issues that plague those who have been deeply wounded. For example, how do you confront someone who is treating you wrongly when you are used to being the victim? And, how do you deal with the “woe is me” pattern that so many wounded people live in?

The solution is understanding who God says He is and what He says about you. He is truly our father and that fact is glorious even if our view of fatherhood has been warped by a rotten earthly father.

Mary also explains that forgiveness is multi-layered and complex. What does it look like and how does God use it profoundly in our lives? Mary addresses that hard-to-answer question (as well as many others) as one who has lived through an abusive childhood. She speaks from a place of robust tenderness.

“The hallmark of growing, vibrant, infectious Christians isn’t their ability to abstain from sin. It’s their willingness to let the cross highlight their sin so they can repent, ask forgiveness and move on in the light of Jesus’ outrageous grace.”

The book includes discussion questions and an Appendix entitled; Dealing with Wolves (How to evaluate and identify abusive Christian leaders who are wolves in sheep’s clothing) which I think is worth the price of the book.

In short, this book will serve as a real-as-potatoes warning to all of us as we deal with past pain and learn to walk in forgiveness.

I recommend this book and received it from Booksneeze/Thomas Nelson Publishers for review.