Grey, cold January. It knocks me for a loop every year.

I look at people and think silently to myself,

“What is wrong with those people?”

(I even think that about these wonderful people seen below. At this time of year, I borrow that line from Jimmy Stewart in It’s A Wonderful Life and say, “Why’d we have all these children anyway?”).

Ask me again in June and I will tell you how wonderful everyone is.

In the Pew 3(This is a family photo from about two years ago when we met in a gym at our Canadian church. I was determined to get a picture of us all on a Sunday morning. Turns out it’s tricky).

When I’m tired of being upset with everyone, I go take my vitamins and get out my Happy Lights. Happy Lights are not really very happy-looking. They have a horrible glow but they are supposed to tell your body,

“Hey! Life’s not so bad…look! There’s light!”

My body says, “Yep, but it’s not warm, loving, natural light and you ain’t foolin’ me.”

Actually my body is saying nothing to my Happy Lights because I can’t find them.

I just moved.

I can’t find anything.

DSCF1884(Ah, look at the happy boy on the cold, clammy Washington beach in May. Anything is better than this grey, cold January).

We’re living in my dream home; a beautiful old house built in 1906; full of character and pizazz.

I was going to start the year out with a bang and post beautiful photos of The Grande Old Dame on my first blog post of the year but my photographer (artsy daughter) is busy.

Plus, it’s January.

Photos coming soon.Creativity literally oozes from Hannah's fingertips!Here’s last years post in a similar vein (but with more practical help) Feeling Sad in a World of Happy.