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chicken counting eggsOur new house is looking a little more homelike; books are on shelves, the kids mattresses are up off the floor and the dining room table is no longer piled high with clutter.

Yesterday, I finally met our neighbors because…uh….our chickens got out. Sigh.
Fixing the backyard fence is next on our list.

I’ve  had  taken some time to read. Life is good.

Believe it or not, it’s not just my imagination that reading calms me down.

Neurodevelopmentalists say that reading really does stimulate the brain in a wonderful way. In contrast, videos and movies activate the sleep center of the brain which is why, even after we watch an action movie, we yawn and feel unmotivated, leading us to look like this cute creature.

images.jpg goat

For more interesting articles about learning and how to stimulate the brain in the right way (especially for parents of struggling learners), visit the International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists. Start with the articles. Fascinating stuff.

On another topic, ever been accused of being bitter when you are just plain hurt? As people who have been forgiven much by a gracious God, forgiveness and bitterness are important to contemplate. What does bitterness look like? How do I know I’ve really forgiven someone who has wronged me?

This article gave me some meat to chew on. Little Red Hen

And for you fans of the Laura Ingalls Wilder series of books; here’s a mom who has compiled a virtual tour of the actual places where the Ingalls lived! She gives readers the real timeline of the author’s life along with maps and videos of the museums. If you’ve been hit by the January cold and cough that is making the rounds, take a few moments to look back on those days of no running water, carpets, tylenol or kleenex.Abby and Eggs

Read, ponder and pray! Don’t be a dumb cluck!