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What is Valentine’s Day without special treats?

If the love of your life gets happy over a big ol’ hunk of meat and a bunch of greasy fries and salt, give it to him for Valentine’s Day! Why not? The point is to make him happy, right?

Then, have a little fun and follow it up with one of these gooey, ooey sweet things. I’ve thrown in a few that are good for you, too!

coconut snowballs

or… a cherry pie from the store that you decorated a bit!                      images

or, how about yogurt parfaits? Just layer vanilla or honey yogurt with granola or nuts or coconut and fruit or jam. Healthy and pretty!11024559_T.jpg fruit parfait

or, even, pretzel sticks dipped in melted chocolate (chocolate chips work) and rolled in sprinkles. Don’t they just look like a party?images.jpg chocolate dipped pretzals with sprinkles

You don’t have to spend a lot to let someone know that you are thinking of them.

Happy Valentine’s Day Generational Womanhood readers!