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10 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Julie said:

    I wad wondering if there is a way to subscribe to your blog.
    I can not see how to do so . Thank you

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Lydia Sherman said:

    Hi Jill, I sent out an email to some of my mailing list, to ask them to go to and look at the current article about two men they were interviewing about a house they owned together. I wanted Victoria to clarify if this was a man and woman, married, or what, since they had different last names, were referred to as a couple in the article, and both had male first names. I then asked people to kindly click the contact box and send a kind comment to remind them of the influence of Victoria in thousands of homes, where women look to the magazine for innocent sweetness. I am a surprised at them since it is a Southern magazine,which also produces Tea Time and Southern Lady. They are not thinking clearly, if they think they can afford to print such an article, which I’ve seen in the hard copy here at home, and still survive without the family oriented Christian support.


    • Will do Lydia! I have noticed that many of the Designer home type magazines are increasingly showcasing the homes of homosexual couples…as if they are the only ones who have “taste”! What a lie from the pit!


  4. Kimberly said:

    Hi Jill!
    I found your blog through one of your comments on the Thinking Housewife. A long time ago, I found another blog through your sight that was really helpful to me. It was a mother of 13 that home schools using the Charlotte Mason method. I was wondering if you still have a like for this blog, or could help me find her somehow.
    Thank you,

    • Kimberly,

      Was the blog on my blogroll or was it a “like” on a comment? I will think about it ok?


  5. Kim Simmons said:

    I would have written you an email, but I didn’t want to post it. Is there a way to do that?

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