Generational Womanhood?

I speak and write to encourage Christian women to pause regularly in the midst of their busy lives and think about the choices they are making with their time.  Are they living their lives in a way that will most profoundly influence the next generation to love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ? This means being there fully (not distracted by too many activities or even church commitments).

I encourage women everywhere to get a bit more introspective, to recognize their great worth in God’s kingdom, to learn to say “no” to false guilt and “yes” to joy and peace.

I want to encourage you. Will you be a generational woman?  I hope so!

3 thoughts on “Generational Womanhood?”

  1. Dorothy said:

    Would you expound a bit more?

    • Dorothy,

      Thanks for your question! I will try to clarify.

      I speak and write with several goals in mind. One primary goal is to remind Christian women of the simple truth that this world is not their home. That means that we often have to make choices to live out of step with this world in order to best impact our family and friends for the next one.

      An example of this is choosing to stay at home with the children as we are raising them so that we can have the greatest impact on their lives. This will usually mean living on much less income (which may translate into less stuff, no vacations, simple living etc.). How can a woman effectively raise children for the kingdom of God when it seems like everyone else is having more fun? How can she battle self-pity and raise kingdom warriors who delight in a simpler lifestyle? By looking ahead and reminding herself that the generation she is raising is worth the sacrifice (and by reminding herself and her children that they are rich compared to past generations!).

      Generational women keep their perspective on their present struggles by remembering how past generations lived. They remind themselves that the challenges of building a present-day marriage and family and/or life as a single is extremely important because their life is not lived in a vacuum. Their life influences generations to come.

      Sometimes we forget how important we are in the ripples of history. Generational Womanhood is my weak attempt to remind you of your importance!

      Don’t give up. Fight the good fight. Keep your eyes on Jesus! Future generations are counting on you!

      More than you wanted to know…I’m sure!


  2. Thank you! It is very encouraging to read about women that enjoy & take seriously the raising of our future generations. I am not a woman, but my wife of 27 years is a wonderful stay at home Mother to our 4 great children. Yes, sometimes it is a struggle to get by on one income,but the future dividends of our children more than make up for not having the newest & best stuff….By the Grace of God, we carry on!

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